Protek WTS-100

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Winter Treated Sand & Salt

Stretch your winter maintenance budget by treating winter abrasives with PROTEK WTS®-100 ... a naturally better SOLUTION.

PROTEK WTS®-100 liquid is specially formulated to freeze-proof and enhance winter sand & salt mixes... all the way down to -45C! The high performance liquid de-icer contains natural corrosion inhibitors that meet strict PNS standards. Developed and tested over a 10 year period, its high viscosity properties keep it in the stockpile... Coating and activating each sand & salt particle.

Protek application
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Protek application

Protek System

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Pug Mill Operation
Calibrated metering system
ensures uniform application rates


  • PROTEK WTS®-100 liquid is engineered to freeze-proof and enhance winter sand & salt mixes... all the way down to -45o C!
  • Exclusively supplied by Denchem, the high performance liquid de-icer contains agricultural based additives and meets strict PNS standards.
  • Developed and extensively tested, its high viscosity properties keep PROTEK WTS®-100 in the stockpile... coating and activating each salt & sand particle.


Depending on your sand/salt mix and the stockpiling method traditionally used, we determine the right application rate of PROTEK WTS®-100 (20-30L/MT). PROTEK WTS®-100 is accurately blended into the mix with electronically calibrated pumps and metering systems. It can be applied into our pug mill or directly onto our conveyor belt. Since PROTEK WTS®-100 is freeze resistant, it's also possible to get these jobs done during mid-winter re-stocking operations.


Winter Stockpile Treatment
Liquid & Storage for
Onboard Pre-wetting Systems
Direct Liquid Application (DLA)

PROTEK WTS®-100 reduces corrosion by over 75%!

Tests conducted by the Canadian Center for Industrial Research (CRIQ) show that PROTEK WTS®-100 meets and exceeds Pacific Northwest Snowfighter (PNS) standards for corrosion reduction. These same tests demonstrate that PROTEK WTS®-100 will resist freezing down to -45o C! These features add the high performance values needed for your winter roads maintenance programs.

PROTEK WTS®-100 benefits include...

  • Reduce the use of salt in your sand/grit mix.
  • Keep Stockpiles manageable and activated down to -45o C.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • 75% less corrosive than road salt.
  • Improve adherence of your mix, reducing application rates... and re-applications on your beats.
  • Proven performance by road maintenance professionals in Ontario and Québec, since 2002

"We reduced our salt usage by 30% while improving our levels of service... particularly at lower temperatures. Our winter mix stockpile remained workable all winter... making spreading efforts more effective and efficient".

Marc Legault, The Nation Municipality in Casselman, ON.

For more information on
PROTEK WTS®-100, please contact us or view this PDF(Acrobat Reader Required)

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