Promelt Slicer Extreme

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Promelt Enhanced

Fast. Safe. Easy to Use.
Total Ice Control with the Power of Pellets.

Product Overview

PROMELT SLICER EXTREME is the ideal blend of complex chlorides with magnesium chloride pellets. PROMELT SLICER EXTREME was created to offer the ultimate in fast melting action even during extreme weather conditions, while limiting the chloride impact on the environment.

Magnesium chloride is well known for its hygroscopic nature, lower working temperature, low toxicity levels, and less chloride content. When combined with our complex chloride blend, this environmentally friendlier ice melter will reduce the amount of harmful chlorides that go into the environment and increase melting performance. An essential tool in any snow professional's arsenal of snow fighting products.

Product Features

  • Superior ice melting performance
  • Hygroscopic nature speeds up the brining process
  • Bores down into the snow & ice pack upon impact
  • Performs to -13°F (-25°C )
  • Longer lasting residual effect, reducing re-application frequency
  • Emits less chlorides into the environment
  • Less harmful to concrete and the environment due to its low alkalinity
  • Safer for people, plants and pets
  • 100% natural
  • Low toxicity (LD50)
  • Appealing color prevents over application
  • Easy application - convenient 44lb (20kg) packaging for easy handling


Blended products have become a staple in the market as a cost effective alternative to the higher priced low chloride products. We have created the ideal blend in PROMELT SLICER EXTREME as it contains a high percentage of magnesium chloride pellet which will provide you with the added value benefits of an environmentally friendlier ice melter without the added costs. One such benefit would be a significant increase in melting performance versus straight salt. As you can see from the chart on the left, magnesium & calcium chlorides have a far larger melting capability than sodium chloride.

Atmospheric relative humidity dictates any given chlorides performance capabilities in extreme weather conditions. By adding magnesium chloride pellet to our complex chloride crystals, we ensure that PROMELT SLICER EXTREME performs at a relative humidity level where straight salt alone is no longer effective.

The percentage of chloride content in magnesium chloride is significantly lower than all other chlorides on the market. PROMELT SLICER EXTREME helps to reduce the chlorides emitted into the environment not only by the percentage reduction, but by reducing the application rate as well.

Product Application

For application in general conditions, evenly sprinkle ¼ to 1/3 cup (57 to 76 grams) of PROMELT SLICER EXTREME per square yard (metre) for driveways and walkways. Melting begins immediately and melting action will continue longer than many other commonly used de-icers. Shovel off slush. Thick accumulations of ice may require additional applications. For optimum results, remove all loose snow and slush from driveways, steps and walkways before applying.

For more information on Promelt Slicer Enhanced, please contact us or view this PDF. (Acrobat Reader Required).

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