ProMelt MAG

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High Performance De-Icing and Anti-Icing Solution

ProMelt™MAG is a high performance magnesium chloride liquid that delivers a strong residual effect on road surfaces, improving melting on road surfaces and results in long lasting performance. This three-in-one liquid de-icing product will save you time, money and most importantly deliver proven results and safer roads.


Features and Benefits

ProMelt™MAG is a premium liquid de-icer that is economical and an environmentally effective way to keep your roads safer.

  • Versatile liquid that can be used to anti-ice, de-ice and pre-wet.
  • Salt pre-wetted with ProMelt Mag works at lower temperatures than traditional dry salt.
  • Reduces bounce and scatter and salt application rates, which saves time, labour, fuel and materials.
  • Meets the stringent requirements of the PNS (Pacific Northwest Snowfighters) for corrosion, toxicity and performance.
  • Better for the environment – our magnesium chloride is approved for organic production as a crop fertilizer and soil amendment by OMRI in the US and Canada.

Product Application

ProMelt™MAG is specifically designed for anti-icing, direct application de-icing, frost prevention, and pre-wetting of solids.
Specific application guidelines are:
  • Anti-Icing Application rates of 40 - 70 litres per lane kilometre are typical. Up to 90 litres per lane kilometre should be considered the maximum in any anti-icing situation.
  • Direct Liquid Application De-Icing 
    Application rates of 90 - 100 litres per lane kilometre.
  • Frost Prevention
    Application rates of 20 - 40 litres per lane kilometre are standard. These rates can vary depending on storm conditions and service level goals.
  • Pre-wetting
    Application rates from 20 - 60 litres per tonne of substrate, depending upon the solid used and the performance objective.
ProMelt™MAG is available in 22%, 26% and 30% concentrations.

For more information on
ProMelt™MAG, please contact us or view this PDF (Acrobat Reader Required)

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