Winter Ice Control

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MAG Flake
MAG (Magnesium Chloride) is an economical, safe environmentally friendly way to control ice and dust. MAG is extracted from the Dead Sea by natural evaporation of sea water and refinement process. MAG is the total ice melter that corrodes metal surfaces less, protects concrete from spalling more, is less toxic and environmentally safer than calcium and sodium chloride (Rock Salt).

MeltDown™ is specifically designed for anti-icing, direct application de-icing, frost prevention, and pre-wetting of solids (salt and sand).

Promelt Slicer
Promelt Slicer is your economical solution for effective ice control in larger areas such as roadways, walkways, driveways and parking lots.

Promelt Slicer Enhanced
Promelt Slicer Enhanced is a natural complex chloride blend that is treated with an organically based performance enhancer designed specifically to reduce bounce and scatter, increase the speed at which the salt begins to work and enable the salt to continue working at lower temperatures.

Promelt Slicer Extreme
Promelt Slicer Extreme is the ideal blend of complex chlorides with magnesium chloride pellets

Protek WTS
Protek WTS™ liquid is specially formulated to freeze-proof and enhance winter sand & salt mixes... all the way down to -45C! The high performance liquid de-icer contains natural corrosion inhibitors that meet strict PNS standards. Developed and tested over a 2 year period, its high viscosity properties keep it in the stockpile... Coating and activating each sand & salt particle.

Thawrox® is the industry's premier de-icing product, combining the performance of liquid de-icing technology with proven melting effects of rock salt. Using Thawrox® instead of untreated salt reduces applications by 20-30% per storm. That equals lower labour and equipment maintenance costs – so your de-icing dollars go further than ever before.

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