Petro-Canada Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65

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Petro-Canada Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is a safe, virtually non-toxic fluid designed to reduce the generation of airborne particulate matter on roads, fields, vehicles and industrial applications. Odourless and colourless, Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is virtually non-toxic to humans, animals, aquatic life and plants. Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is especially recommended for use in environmentally sensitive areas where water and soil contamination is to be avoided.

Petro-Canada Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is a highly iso-paraffinic fluid free of any potential toxins such as polynuclear aromatics and consequently does not pose a concern with contaminants leaching into the environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent surface wetting, spreading and penetration
    • Easy application
    • Excellent coverage at low treat rates
    • Outstanding particle agglomeration
    • Effective dust control
  • Water resistant, low volatility formulation
    • Long lasting dust control
  • Virtually non-toxic, odourless and colourless
    • Readily biodegradable
    • Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas*
    • Benign to plants and animals
    • Improved working conditions, and worker health and safety
    • Not WHMIS or OHSA controlled

* Ensure that your local environmental regulations support the use of virgin oils prior to application.


Petro-Canada Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is useful for dust control or in any application requiring the reduction of airborne particulate matter, such as:

  • Gravel or dirt roads
  • Logging roads
  • Riding arenas where the soil/bedding does not use paper shavings or other cellulose derivatives
  • Fair grounds, in the absence of cellulose-based bedding
  • Cement trucks
  • Fertilizer dust suppression
  • Mining dust suppression
  • Pipeline construction
  • Coal trains

Application rates will vary with actual circumstances, including but not limited to weight and/or frequency of traffic, thickness of dust-causing layer, climate, rainfall and geological considerations such as porosity of soil. Due to its low pour point, DSF 65 can prove especially useful in wintertime.

Typical application rates range from 0.5 to 2 litres/m2.

For more information on Petro-Canada Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65, please contact us or view this PDF. (Acrobat Reader Required)

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