Summer Dust Control

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Supported by a multi-point storage system and a modern computer metered application truck fleet, Denchem Surface Solutions can be counted on to reliably and economically serve your summer and winter roads maintenance needs.

Denchem MCB-29 Solution - Liquid Dust Control
The MCB-29 solution is a natural and economical liquid dust suppressant. It is used for commercial and municipal gravel surface maintenance.

ProGuard™ MAG - Municipal Roads
ProGuard™ MAG is a cost-effective dust control agent that works better, faster and more safely than most other dust control products. Magnesium Chloride is a hygroscopic, deliquescent compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation. Many road maintenance and surface restoration professionals are switching to magnesium chloride to enhance aggregate stability.

ProGuard™ MAG - Industrial & Commercial
Dust Control of gravel surfaces is critical to a safe and effective working environment and can help reduce maintenance costs. Denchem understands your site health and safety needs and will help you avoid the hazards associated with excessive dust at work sites.

Petro-Canada Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65
Petro-Canada Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is a safe, virtually non-toxic fluid designed to reduce the generation of airborne particulate matter on roads, fields, vehicles and industrial applications. Odourless and colourless, Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is virtually non-toxic to humans, animals, aquatic life and plants. Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is especially recommended for use in environmentally sensitive areas where water and soil contamination is to be avoided.
Petro-Canada Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is a highly iso-paraffinic fluid free of any potential toxins such as polynuclear aromatics and consequently does not pose a concern with contaminants leaching into the environment.

Denchem is a proud and active member of

Association of Ontario Road Supervisors Smart about salt
  • District 8 Road Supervisors Association
  • Eastern Ontario Road Supervisors Association
  • Lanark County Road Supervisors Association
  • Renfrew County Road Supervisors Association